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Brown Skin Latinas and Curls
By Sade Pizarro and Ada Washington/ AfroChicas.com

We began rocking our curls proudly after years of dismissing them. Long straighten hair is accepted and even used as an adjective to describe ones beauty in the Latino community. “Mira que tiene un cabello hermoso“or “pelo bonito” is what we heard all our lives anytime fellow Latinas complimented our hair. Straight long hair was our beauty or that was what we have been told growing up. Being a brown skin Latina your physical traits defined your beauty.

Don't get us wrong we loved rocking our straight hair and even now giving our curls a break for free flowing locks. We just learned how to love, embrace and care for our curls. We rock our Rizos with pride and love teaching fellow Latinas to do the same. We want to encourage Latinas they are not alone on their Latina Natural Hair Journey. For this reason we have created the tag curls and culture to represent us and our movement.

 Deciding to wear our hair in its natural state did pose a problem for us. We were never taught how to care for our curls just to mask them. Sade had a relaxer and Ada kept a wash and set. We’ve always went to Latin hair salons growing up to care for our straight hair. When we decided to go natural we were open to a whole new world of hair. We had frizzy lifeless curls and began to seek stylist, salons and even products that could help us on our natural hair journey. We did struggle for many years to find the right products and techniques that enhanced and moisturized our curls.

Our curl life lessons have given us an extra boost of confidence to encourage fellow naturally curly hair Latinas they can all hear “pelo bonito” no matter your texture. Even though it took us a while to love our curls we don’t regret going natural or rocking straight hair for years. Seeing ourselves with straight long hair for years then a short curly fro was an adjustment. We rock our curls proudly and wouldn't have it any other way. We are two Curly Afro Hair Rocking Afro-Latinas!

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