Chica's Chic Fashion Trends
Army Green Street Trend

We are kicking off Spring in a cold way in NYC. Even as the months change the temperature still has not. We love shopping and pulling pieces together. The Army Green is one of those trends that we just can't get enough of ! It's a great netural that can take you from day to evening.

Jewels you must have. Everything is under $50.
It's a NYandCompany Spring Fling !
Nude Tote Anyone

A must have Spring essential is a nude tote. It's great for a causal shopping or hanging with friends day. It's oversized enough to fit all you necessary items and chic enough to make a statement. 

Ring in the New Year in Style all black everything with gold hues to make a statement when you walk through the door.

Chica's Curl Life
Deep Treatment's/Masque We Love !

We love to give our hair what it wants and needs. A great balance of Moisturizing and Protein base conditioners/masques. A great rule of we love is using a Masque/Protein treatment once a month or after a color treatment. All other wash days we use a moisturizing conditioner. A deep conditioning treatment can restore weakened and damaged hair and give it back strength, which can prevent breakage and split ends. Hair is comprised of 70% keratin protein. It’s stored in the innermost layer of the hair, the medulla. Protein is responsible for hair’s strength and structure. A protein-based conditioner can strengthen damaged hair and replenish protein lost through regular maintenance such as shampooing and styling. ♢ Moisture Protein Balance ♢ " Protein and moisture have an interdependent relationship.  A proper moisture protein balance is important for the overall quality of your hair.  One without the other leads to breakage. "

Chica's Top Styling Products

1. Ouidad Climate Control 2. Miss Jessie's Multicultural Curls 3. Design Essentials Natural CurlForming Honey Custard 4. Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse 5. Design Essentials Natural Coconut & Monoi Soufflé 6. Design Essentials Natural Defining Crème Gel 7. Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel

How You Sleeping Chicas ?We rock the pineapple as our sleeping method to preserve our curls!

 Do you want to achieve second day hair, but end up with awkwardly smushed, frizzy, or stretched out curls in the morning? Been there, Done that... The pineapple method is the best way to preserve your curls without changing their shape too much overnight. When you do the pineapple method every night, you can make your curls last quite a while without having to refresh your style...How are you achieving 2nd /3rd day hair ?

Curly Recovery 101 

Looking back on my old hair pics I can't believe how my curly hair looked so undefined and frizzy. I never knew my Curl Potential until a few years ago even though I been natural for over 10years. My Before is Shea Moisture Curl Enchaning Smoothie  my After is Design Essentials Natural Curl Enchaning Mousse.  I thought that was my curl pattern in my before. I later figured my hair likes light-weight products and only certain cream  products. "WHEN YOU KNOW BETTER YOU DO BETTER "

A Curly Curls Wonderland
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